Kotlin Tutorials

Kotlin Programming – Basic Operators

In this tutorial you’ll learn about basic operators in Kotlin. To follow along, you can make use of the Kotlin – Playground. Basic Operators Operators are special symbols or phrases that are used to check, change or combine values. This tutorial explains some common operators of Kotlin such as the addition operator (+), the lazy conjunction operator (&&), the assignment operator (=), equalContinue reading “Kotlin Programming – Basic Operators”

Kotlin Programming – Introduction

Kotlin is the new programming language used for the Android application development. Kotlin provides Int and Long for Integers, Double and Float for floating-point values, Boolean for Boolean values and String for textual data. Swift also provides three primary collection types, List, Set and Map. Kotlin stores variables and uses its identifying name as reference to values. You may declare a variable with a value as read-only. A read-onlyContinue reading “Kotlin Programming – Introduction”

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